9401 Dietz Elkhorn Road, Boerne, TX 78015


Monday 8:30am Burn Class
Tues 6:30am Breakfast Club and 5:00pm Beginner Class
Wed 8:30am Chill Class
Thursday 6:30am Breakfast Club and 5:00pm Burn Class
Friday 8:30am Burn Class
Saturday 10:00am Sweating & Swearing

Serving San Antonio, Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch, Comfort, Kerrville, Bulverde, Kyle, New Braunfels in the Texas Hill Country


Beginner Class

This is a workout built around the Diamond Dozen, the collection of basic fundamentals the DDPY system is made up of.  In this 60 minute flow we look closely at basic form, breathing technique, and Dynamic Resistance. This is for both the beginner and experienced DDPY Warrior alike. If you are new to DDPY come here to learn the basics. If you have some experience this is where you go to refine your form and technique.


Breakfast Club

In the Breakfast Club we spend 40 minutes covering four key points that prepare us to own the day ahead:
Breathing Technique – Breathing properly helps us to warm and energize the body by effectively oxygenating our blood. It also teaches us skills to manage the stress that life will throw our way throughout the day.

Flexibility/Stretching – Deep stretching helps deliver that oxygenated blood to those hard to reach soft tissue areas, optimally delivering oxygen and nutrition to our muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Strength Building – While building strength is a central goal and benefit of practicing DDPY, our early morning strength exercises also help release endorphins which energize our bodies and minds, further preparing us for the day ahead. You won’t need coffee after 40 minutes of this activity.

Balance – Balance is a powerful tool, standing on one leg while focusing on steady breathing and engaging the stabilizing muscles gets the neural activity amped up and the mental acuity dialed in.

The Breakfast Club workout is appropriate for all fitness and skill levels, it is the flow that Steven David has uses to start his day every morning.


Burn Class

An all levels appropriate workout that is designed to deliver the core benefits of DDPY: Increased strength and flexibility, optimal cardio conditioning, maximum core strengthening, all with zero negative impact on the body.


Chill Class

An all levels appropriate class that is great for weekly recovery and rejuvenation. This class is inspired by the style of DDPY practiced by DDPY Performance Center Instructor Jim Mabes. You may find yourself thinking, in the early stages of the workout, that it is very easy but you will suddenly find yourself pleasantly and surprisingly challenged as the sweat pours off of your body.


Sweating & Swearing

At SDUB we have a long tradition of hitting the Saturday morning workout hard and leaving it all on the mat. While all skill levels can do this class with the aid of modifications, it is a workout designed to test your strength and mental focus, you will leave all the stress (and sweat) of the week on the mat. Steven David uses this type of workout to continually push himself beyond plateaus as well as earning his weekend cheat meal(s).



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